Luca718kids is inspired by and named after a boy who loves trucks more than anything. Luca was born with a cleft palate and speech development was difficult for him.  One day, he mimicked the sound of a firetruck, and it was discovered that Luca had a deep connection to trucks.  Luca's fascination with trucks provided inspiration and motivation to develop his speech and language skills.  As a family, we followed trucks all around Brooklyn, and our big city.  When Luca was 3 years old, he and his papa saw a truck for sale.  Within a year, their family wound up buying their very own 1981 classic Kenworth big rig. Keep on Truckin' became the family's mantra to support Luca and encourage him to never give up.

This summer, we launched a progressive educational program called Blocks, Trucks + Art. We worked with children inside and around our 18-wheeler, aptly named Big Mama, at Hayground Camp in Bridgehampton, NY.  We believe Big Mama is an inspiring work space that can help children learn and grow. Big Mama is literally the vehicle to drive and inspire children.

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Photos by Roger Snider

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